Hellous, my name is Zaida (but call me Zai if you want), 21 years, Pisces. I love anime, manga, and videogames. My favorite anime is Zexal!. I'm a obssesed with Sharky but...i love him so much :3. Actually i live in Germany.

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When I was a kid I thought your 20s were supposed to be fun, not filled with perpetual anxiety about financial stability and constantly feeling like an unaccomplished piece of shit. 

That’s because it was fun for baby boomers and they basically gave us this impression it would always be like that, but then they ruined the economy.


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I’ve watched this at least 200 times

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When I go back to school tomorrow

what kind of connection does this guy have how does he make these omfg

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"Do whatever you believe in, and I'll support you."





Even if the thing i believe is not the thing you believe?…even if is the thing we’re fighting?. I don’t know if you, my queen, we will support me if i try to reach other way to finish this, but even if you will be angry at me, i will continue fighting for your, even if i have your support or not. But of course, with your support, i will be more stronger, so i think i will believe in your words, like you are believing in me, or like i believe in you since always.

yeah, thats it *smiles* I mean a lot to you? heh and think that, time ago we are only queen and knight *laughs* Only that kind of relationship. You, the queen, me, the knight that obey the queen. Well ”Obey” i think is not a good word to describe how i work *laughs again* But yeah, you are more than my queen as you know, my dear friend.

I know that, we are in the same ”way” some times, you have your own mind, i have my own mind, and sometimes our minds doesn’t think the same thing about a something specific. But…despite all..we have trust…in the ideas of the other, right? *smiles very innocently* My destiny is help you and protect you, thats my fate and is the fate I choosed, and i have 0 regrets. I will do my best to become more stronger for you my queen. Thankies so much for your support, means a lot to me. Of course, we are friends*winks* I will believe in you forever, like i believe in you now, so, don’t be worried,Inusama.image

….. That was the case… A long time ago… Strange, isn’t it? Heh. You always had your own way of doing thing even back then, and you accepted punishments for you actions… To think, I locked you in a cage before.


Hmmmm… I think you’re the first friend I’ve had. We are sometimes, and you’re right, we think differently too… Yeah, we have our differences, but it’s alright, really. . Yeah, we still have that… It’s nice. Ah- *eyes widen* You chose that…? But- *sighs* Is that really what you want to do…? You should focus more on your kid than me, ya know? *pats your head* Honestly… Heh. You’ve already become a lot stronger than you used to be… … !!! I-I’m not worried… Tch.

I know, those days…feels nostalgic *giggles* ahhhh yeah i remember,many of my actions…I was always disobeying you! but thats why i accepted the punishments, even when..I was trying to convince you to let me out!.

Ah..? i’m your first friend..?*looks away a bit shy* that…that means a lot to me if i’m honest to you my queen, i don’t know why…just…means a lot haha… You have your own personality, i have my own personality, we are different, thats normal, but thats why we are friends. Heh? *looks at you* of course I chose this fate! is the thing i want,and, if i say the contrary, i’ll be lying!. I know about that*smiles*…i will protect my son…and my big son too…but i will take care of both of you.. i don’t want lose more people that is important to me. You are part of my family, and you can’t change my point of view right now, and if you try, i will cover my ears.
If you say so..i believe my queen but, i need to become in more stronger for protect my family *winks* and as i said, you are part of it *smiles happily* Heh you are,hehe admit it my queen, thats so cute!


Snivy used Sass! It's super effective!
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Okay guys, i will go to eat now, Will was cooking and make fried chicken with curry ;w; and is my fav food! so i will try,but first, i will reply the rp because that rp is sooooo cuteee

I will go to the bed for a while oh gosh guy, i’m feeling so sick now

*hugs* Okay, just try and eat or drink something at least. ;w;

*hugs* thankies for care about me dear, but i can’t, if i do it, i will throw up.

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Oh gosh ;A; hopefully you’ll get your appetite back soon! ;A; Food would make you feel better dear! or maybe drink something? ;A;

I hope the same because i’m feeling so dizzy right now. No, my stomach won’t admit anything right now, and if i try,will be worse. Anyways thankies for care dear, you are a cutie *hugs*

Y-You should try and eat something, or drink something nnnn ;A;…

Nope, i can’t, will be worse, believe me. The curious thing was about i recovered my conscience when i heard Will’s shouts at them i guess was it… Actually he was trying to make me eat something, but i don’t want so, he stopped. The last time he forced me to eat i ended throw up all.

;A; Zai… H-Have you eaten now? Are you okay?

I’m fine i guess, and nope I have not eaten yet :/

oh no ;w; that’s mean of them *protects* I hope you feel better real soon ;w;!!!!

Well since they’re always doing the same thing, since the moment i had use of reason i’m used. Thankies for care *hugs*

Oh gosh, are you okay?? ;w;

Yeah don’t worry, just my head hurts a little

*Snuggles* ;A; waaa did you eat now? ;A;

*hugs* because sometimes i’m not hungry and because sometimes my family make me feel sick and i lose the appetite